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A digital music platform for the College and Non-Comm Radio community.

MusicMeeting.Directory is the central home for all music being serviced to College and Non-Comm radio. Labels and artists utilize it to deliver music directly to radio stations while saving expensive manufacturing and postage costs. MMD is committed to reducing environmental impact by eliminating plastic and paper wastage associated with the mailing of physical promo CD’s. MMD offers delivery options for singles, EP’s, and albums, and ties directly into the NACC chart.

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Are you sending a single or and album?

Below you will see two options for sending music to College and Community Radio. A single (which is up to 2 songs, being sent simultaneously) or and Ep/Album which is anything more than 2 Songs going out at the same time. 

To begin placing your order, simply select/click the option that suits your needs below and follow the prompts. If you have any issues or questions, please email us:

Once you have placed you order, retain your PayPal Confirmation number and head to our uploader by clicking the "Uploader" tab at the Top Right of the website. 

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MusicMeeting.Directory was built with a vision to centralize digital music delivery to College and Non-Comm radio stations. With the immense volume of music that is serviced weekly to these two formats, our purpose is to streamline the way music is both delivered and presented to music programmers. With a cloud-based database that is searchable by label, promoter, and "Going For Adds" date, radio programmers are able to quickly organize, listen to and download new submissions weekly (and on-demand). Every Friday morning a weekly email notifies stations of what titles are going for adds that week and provides direct links to the files in our system. MMD was developed as an integration of the NACC chart and is designed to provide centralized servicing, delivery, charts, and reporting to assist both radio and the music industry.

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